The interior design process is a wonderful journey filled with joy, excitement and amazement beyond your wildest imagination. To ensure we deliver the best possible design service, we encourage your input, feedback and honesty. 

A recipe of many pivotal elements, the entire design process is exciting and intriguing; from project concept to project installation. The initial meeting with our creative director will consist of an in-depth conversation about you and your design goals. This is an invaluable first step, as your desires, expected outcomes, unique lifestyle and project budget is revealed. Upon retention, our design team decisively crafts a design program contained with visionary concepts and key resources for evaluation. A series of meetings take place between designer and client until the final design is approved. Upon approval, our AutoCAD team will prepare a set of construction drawings for the design implementation. The building and construction of your project will begin, which is managed by our design team.  

Here's a brief synopsis of our interior design process: 

  • PROGRAMMING [an explorative meeting] - this pivotal meeting is an opportunity for both parties to have an in-depth conversation about the project. We encourage you to have some inspiration images at the meeting that best communicates your preferred design style. We will also conduct a site analysis by securing images and measurements as needed. 

  • SCHEMATIC DESIGN [design concepts] - Upon retention, our design team goes through several design concepts that meet your expectations. There will be several meetings and conversations between client and designer to ensure the desired outcome is achieved. Your written approval is secured prior to moving to the next phase. 

  • DESIGN DEVELOPMENT [final design] - Once the final concept design is agreed upon by both designer and client, our design team begins final development of the project. In other words, we will review final materials, finishes, furniture and furnishings. Your written approval is secured prior to moving to the next phase. 

  • CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS [preparation of construction drawings] - The MADA team works diligently in preparing construction drawings for project implementation. Construction drawings may take up to three weeks to complete, depending on the size of the project. Upon completion, we will review these for accuracy prior to the commencement of construction. 

  • CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION [project implementation & management] - This is the fun part where you observe the construction of your project. With periodical updates from our design team, we manage the project installation and the construction team ensuring that every design detail is not overlooked. From product procurement to site visits, we are there every step of the way. 

  • INTERIOR STYLING & DELIVERY [preparation for delivery] - This is the exciting part as we are almost near the end. We cannot stress this enough, you should always plan for final delivery of your designed interior space/s. This mean setting aside a budget for accessories. Consider wall art, flowers and the small details that adds character to your space. We recommend a budget of 10 - 15% above your overall project budget for interior styling. 

The essence of Interior Design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, and meaningful environment....This is not an easy job.
— Albert Hadley

Jade Condominium, Miami

Jade Condominium, Miami