interior design is the blended essence of function and practicality to form a perfect union. it’s like applying beauty with finesse
— Marilyn G Russell

Marilyn G Russell, Allied ASID / Creative Director & Principal

A healthy design encompasses definitive solutions that exceed design challenges. Marilyn's enthusiasm and commitment to each client is the basis for her love of design. As the former co-owner and principal designer of design magnifique, it can be stated that Marilyn's passion for design intensified, propelling her to launch Marilyn Ashley Design Associates, focusing on kitchen and bathroom designs.

As an interior designer, Marilyn tends to be institutionally involved in each project where she is conversationally engaged with each client thereby setting the design tone for each space. "Each project lends itself to an appeal of design that is equally different. Each client is different and each space is different. It is very important to discern the difference between both subjects.

Marilyn is a member of ASID [American Society of Interior Designers] and NKBA [National Kitchen and Bath Association] and because of her strong creative skills, she has been personally hand-selected to be a member of several interior design panels including BLANCO, DXV [luxury brand for American Standard] and Top Knobs. As a member of the design panel, Marilyn receives first-hand knowledge of product introduction, prototypes and changes in the market. 

Marilyn is a lover of color. "Because of my Caribbean roots, color was all around me. Growing up immersed in color, I've come to respect the emotional benefits color adds to a space." When not engaged in designs, Marilyn enjoys spending time with family, reading, cycling, gardening, traveling or having a good laugh with friends. musings [instagram]