It's no secret I'm a big fan of wallpaper; I've grown passionate about the stuff. Wallpaper is so versatile. The amount of design options are endless and the creative uses of wallpaper are unimaginable. I'm quick to suggest wallpaper to a client because I'm familiar with its impact on a space. 

If you follow me on instagram, then you know I recently posted this wallpaper image. I suggested this particular wallpaper design to clients for their powder bathroom. Not only does the large pattern make a statement, but also the color in a bold black and charcoal accented with silver will light up a small space such as a powder bathroom. They were excited, I was excited and I proceeded to request a sample so that my clients could continue their admiration for the wallpaper that would soon grace their powder bathroom.  

marilyn ashley design - wallpaper - interior design

The above image is what I received - a large sample of the wallpaper [LOVE] folded too many times [DISAPPOINTED]. For the love of God, why would you send me a sample of wallpaper looking like this for me to present to a client. Nonetheless, it's still a pretty piece of ecofriendly wallpaper. Further examination of the sample with my contractor yielded the following results. 

It's easily scratched and for me, performance is everything. This is an acrylic coated, screen printed, washable, strippable wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is durable, easy to maintain and thus, is suitable for a bathroom [albeit a powder bathroom]. Even the most skilled wallpaper contractor would not be able to avoid scratching the surface of this paper trying to get behind a pedestal sink and toilet. It's unavoidable. This paper is better suited for a wall with zero restrictions. Onward and forward to Plan "B". 

I've already made an alternative selection, which will be presented soon. Stay tuned :)