Interior Design Mood Boards [why are they necessary]

By Marilyn Ashley Design Associates

By Marilyn Ashley Design Associates

The world of Interior Design is a multifaceted journey filled with joy, excitement and amazement beyond your imagination. The design process is just as remarkable. But, exactly how do we [interior designers] get from one end of the spectrum to the other?

Before I even think about putting pencil to paper, I begin each project by creating a design inspiration board. Based on an in-depth explorative conversation with my client and a thorough inspection of the space to be designed, I begin to think about where I'd like to take my design; leading me to create a mood board.

A mood board could be representative of a number of ideas. Color, texture, materials, elegance, industrial, etc. - the list is endless. Layering each item in one place allows me to edit and re-edit as many times as I wish while recalling each design parameter. How will I make the space dynamic using just one color? What materials will I consider using to add depth, texture, fluidity in the same space? How will I incorporate a series of colors and textures? How do I best translate my client's wishes? Although I may have an idea in my head, my design idea is not certain until I work through the design concept.  

Source: The Marion House Book
Source: Olivier Lempereur
Source: Olivier Lempereur
Source: Kristofer Johnsson

The end result is a design story. A mood board, if completely correctly, will communicate your design objective. I hope you enjoyed these inspirational design boards. 

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