Master Bedroom Interior Design

If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you've seen me post an image about my clients' master bedroom design a few weeks ago. Well, here's a little story about how this design came together.

The bedroom is one part of a larger design I've put together for my clients and their lovely home. They recently closed on their new home and wanted to address many areas prior to moving in. With a new construction home, there weren't any physical challenges to address; however, there were some aesthetic ones. What I love about my clients is that they completely trusted me to guide and push them a little, to a place they needed to be. There were two challenges: their unwavering love for gray and white and their love for Moroccan patterns. 

Floor Plan - Master Bedroom Design - Marilyn Ashley Design Assc.
Master Bedroom Design Concept - Marilyn Ashley Design Associates

First, I addressed the challenge of having a complete gray and white bedroom and house, which, by the way, are great color combinations. The problem was that it was pretty dominant thru out the rest of the house and I wanted something different for their master bedroom. I truly believe any interior space can be enhanced with just a touch of color, which, really, can be carried through in anything; be it art, accessories, rugs, etc.. After further discussions [more like pleading from me :)] about adding a touch of color, the lady of the house mentioned coral. And so I added the coral in a couple of pieces, which made a strong impact. She loved it! 

3D Rendering - Master bedroom Design - Marilyn Ashley Design Assc.

A 3D rendering of the master bedroom. Notice how we took the ceiling color to another level as well - it will be painted a darker color for a more intimate feeling. The patterns in the room are similar and different and relatable. That is how you keep a design relevant and interesting. 

3d Rendering - Master bedroom Design - Marilyn Ashley Design Assc.

Another 3D Rendered view of the master bedroom. I especially love the white plantation shutters, which I think provides a nice clean look. 

I'm looking forward to putting this master bedroom and other areas of the home together. It's going to look amazing. 

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