Currently crushing on baskets....yes....baskets! Ever since I stumbled on to Swahili Modern, I've been stalking their website and for very good reasons. Not only are their products amazing but their back story is one to be admired. 


Warehoused in Oregon, Swahili Modern is a curator of hand-crafted products made by African artisans. Having been in business for over 20 years, their primary focus is to promote artisans through fair trade practices. Swahili Modern offers a host of products from baskets to fabrics.  Devoid of any factory conditions, the artisans happily work from their homes or within small groups. Many of the baskets are made with a combination of local grasses and plastic. They really are something special.


The 27" African basket with lid 

African Tagine Basket - Marilyn Ashley Design

Modeled after the North African Tagine, the African tagine basket 

Hand-crafted Giraffe Bowl - Marilyn Ashley Design

Ok, not quite a hand basket but I just couldn't pass on the opportunity to showcase this little guy. The hand-crafted giraffe bowl is the most adorable piece and definitely a conversation starter. It is "hand-carved from sustainably sourced jacaranda wood and finished with a botanically inspired hand-painted finish."

To see amazing hand-crafted products, check out Swahili Modern.

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