Kitchen Design [THE DETAILS]

Design Quote - Nate Berkus  - Marilyn Ashley Design

One of my favorite design quotes and I completely agree. In my design world, following traditional design, decor rules sometimes stifles my creativity. It's important for me to step away from the norm and take a look at something objectively.

I love kitchen design but more than that I love the details that make a kitchen design great. Just as Charles Eames stated, "The details are not the details, they make the design." Call it the finishing touches, but without the details, your kitchen would be nothing more than a space filled with storage boxes. These are my favorite kitchen design details. 

Black cabinets and open shelves are my thing. I don't see open shelves too often and I strongly advocate for them. Open shelves make it easier to reach things. I also believe open shelves forces us to take a conservative approach on the things we need. Why do we have the need to fill our cabinets with so many different dinnerware or stemware? [Image via]

The selected wallpaper is obviously the winner in this kitchen design; setting the tone for everything else. Bravo to the design and the owners who went for a bold statement. A beautiful theatrical backdrop. [Image sourced from Pinterest. Original image source has gone cold. If you are the owner of this image, please notify me asap. TY]

Kitchen 5.jpg

Make a grand statement. The iridescent nature of this New Ravenna tile is gorgeous. With the correct light temperature, imagine the enhanced beauty of this finish. [Image via]  

With light fixtures, I always say go big and striking. The perfect fixture should compliment your design rather than get lost in it. [Image via

Take a look at the material mix in this one space. Nothing is competing here. This is a cohesive designed space. [Image via]

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