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Grab a cup of java or vino, because this is a creative-filled post filled with ideas and inspiration. 

"The Balanced Bathroom" by Marilyn G Russell

Industrial, lofty and bold aptly decribes the design destination of my DXV bathroom. Created on the foundation of masculine and feminine entities, "The Balanced Bath" sets the tone for a beautifully shared space without the need for overcrowding. The bold color caters to the imagination that a bathroom does not have to follow the standard muted colors we often see in bathroom designs. The design possibilities are waiting to be discovered and that is why I am an interior designer. 

Here's an excerpt: This confident and chic industrial bathroom celebrates the use of exposed building elements in a modern anew. This bathroom yields from the free-spirited couple with a keen insight and respect for man-made objects and a dedication to the symbolism that the industrial design style ensues: innovative technological shaped landscape.

When DXV contacted me to assist them with their coming out party, creating bathroom designs featuring their uber luxury line, I quickly snagged the opportunity because it meant I would be creating a design that truly represents me and my style. Thus, "The Balanced Bath" was born. What you may not know was that two other bathroom designs were created. I almost forgot about them.    

"All About Glamour" by Marilyn G Russell

Since this was a fictitious bathroom, naturally I began with a fictitious story. Like every one of my designs, there's a story and naturally this bathroom design needed one too. This was my starting point to creating a "All About Glamour".

Here's a little excerpt: Designed for today's female executive, this glamorous bathroom, with its public and private spaces, contribute to the sophisticated, sexy and tranquil user experience. A feeling of intimacy is achieved through the juxtaposition of classical and contemporary elements, striking colors and custom details. The curvature of the female form creates the motif, which is quite evident in many of the bathroom's futures, fittings and decor details.

One of my goals was to create the most serene bathing experience, which meant creating a space that was not readily visible upon entry. A complete get-away within a get-away was desired.  

"All About Glamour" - Floor Plan

My Inspiration Board

"All About Glamour" - Floor Plan 

My "All About Glamour" floor plan.

"All About Glamour" by Marilyn G Russell

The black tuscan columns defines the serene space and also commands the user to explore beyond only to discover a glamorous and chic freestanding tub complimented by an inviting curvaceous chaise and luscious silk window treatments. Using my signature color, orange, was without a doubt a must. The trick was to use orange in a more complimentary form rather than have it be the focus of the bathroom. 

"All About Glamour" by Marilyn G Russell

The vanity area was another defining moment where the feeling of glamour was inserted. Starting with that delicious tile backdrop with all the details of femininity. Following the form of curvature, the lines were mimicked in the mirrors and vanity chair. 

"A Modern Cottage" by Minel Gonzalez

I enlisted the assistance of my Interior Designer, Minel Gonzalez, to create the third bathroom space as naturally I still had many design things on my plate. I gave her free reign to create whatever she wanted within the realm of a Modern Cottage and this is the dreamy result. 

Here's an excerpt" To term a space a restroom, would mean to ensure it can provide for the acts of resting and rejuvenating the mind, body and soul. This modern day cottage bathroom represents a space one can retreat to and find peace and pleasure after a long day. It is designed to represent a pleasing summer getaway, where one can unwind and refresh one's spirits through a connection with nature and all the beauty it encompasses. 

The result is astonishing as the feelings of nature is evidently felt within; symbolically and through the use of finishes and materials including wood and natural stone. 

"A Modern Cottage" - Inspiration Board

Minel's Inspiration board.

"A Modern Cottage" - Floor Plan

A Modern Cottage floor plan.

"A Modern Cottage" by Minel Gonzalez

Every design element used in this bathroom has a subtle meaning not readily apparent. The rainhead represents the outdoor rainfall providing a sense of tranquility while the waterfall partition located in the front of the shower represents the flowing stream of a river. As with all the bathroom designs, engaging the senses was a target objective. 

"A Modern Cottage" by Minel Gonzalez

 Creating a sense of eternal joy, Minel engaged the sun, introduced into the space with accented hues of yellow, high arched ceilings that direct your attention to the skylight windows allowing the space to be accented by natural light. There is a sense of functional easiness through the use of an open space plan that provides for fluid maneuvering while giving a sense of comfort. 

Although different, I love each and every one of these bathroom spaces. Designers are creative beings and pushing the boundaries to create the unexpected is the norm.

Interested in one of these spaces, feel free to contact our creative studio. We would love to hear from you.