Decor should be just as Dynamic

One thing I've confirmed throughout my interior design career is that the details make the design - I'm pretty sure my designer counterparts would agree with me on this. You can have the most amazing remodeled space, yet, lack the decor details, and your space remains an unfinished package. As I am moved to advise every client, it is wise to set a budget in addition to your overall interior design budget for the final details because that's when your space is final. 

Today we're over at one of our favorite trade sources, Phillips Collection - a curated stock of amazing and unique pieces. Naturally drawn to color alike most people, the Peacock Wall Art is an intriguing showpiece. Rich in texture and captivating in color, this is on my must-have list.  

For the avid cyclist and bicycle lover, this bicycle wheel screen is super cool and creative. It is a fun piece of art to add to any space.  

The wire head sculptures are fantastic pieces. Offered in a set of three yet equally striking when set in a large group.