Coverings 2015 - Orlando, FL

The Ultimate Tile & Stone Coverings Trade Show ended yesterday and it was an amazing show. With the variety of new products to indulge and the amount of square footage to cover, two days at the show was surely not enough. With tile vendors from around the world including Spain, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Japan and more, this is a show complete with diverse and innovative products. Ceramic, porcelain, cement tiles, are just a few of the jewels spotted. However, I remain biased, as for me, this is one of the best trade shows to attend. Designers engaged in kitchen and bathroom design such as myself, this is a show not to miss. Whether you're a designer, tile installer, vendor looking to update or complete a showroom or a professional attending the many conferences offered, there's something in store for everyone. 

As an interior designer, creating beautiful interior spaces using tile and stone is another avenue of creativity because the design options are plentiful. I'm a firm believer in stepping beyond the traditional method of laying tile. Creativity is king. This is the perfect opportunity to step away from the majority. 

Tile Trends 2015: One of the more notable trends spotted at Coverings this year were from the smaller tile manufacturers, who were all engaging and excited about their products. From street artist to independent artists, images/art imprinted on tile was a strong point at the show.  

Tile Trend 2015: Other notable trends spotted at coverings were new shapes, new designs and a lot of bling such as the use of gold inlay, overlay. From textured tile surfaces to bold colors and different shapes, manufacturers are braving the bold and getting creative. 

Tile spotted at Coverings 2015 by Marilyn G russell

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